The value of using hydrogen to provide renewable energy and to enhance combustion in an internal combustion engine has been extensively researched and repeatedly proven. Hydrogen is considered to be a near-perfect fuel carrier. Hydrogen is makes up about 70 percent of the molecules on earth.

We utilize our technology to extract hydrogen gas from water. The hydrogen can then be stored or immediately used as a fuel. The byproduct of combustion of hydrogen is water. In addition to the ERD, our continuing research and development involves large volume hydrogen generation and storage for use as  renewable energy.

Market Segments

1. Heavy Goods Vehicles

2. Locomotives

3. Buses

4. Automobiles

5 .Generators



Harness the power of hydrogen


‚ÄčERD 3.1

Emission Reduction Device.

Flag Ship prooduct

GreenChek Technology Inc.  has developed a proprietary hydrogen-generating system that assists internal combustion engines to burn fuel more efficiently. Our Onboard Hyddrogen Generation Injection(OHGI) system produces and then injects hydrogen gas into an internal combution engine. This process enhances combustion. The Company's technology reduces emissions by as much as 50%, and increases fuel economy by 8%. Independent trials conducted by a third party confirmed the effectiveness of our technology. We have obtained certification in the European Union for the ERD.